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Locust Point

Located in the southern part of the city, Locust Point is a peninsular neighborhood, historically known as a center of industry and immigration. The area has undergone significant revitalization, balancing modern amenities with historical preservation.

Locust Point is home to Fort McHenry, a historic star-shaped fort best known for its role in the War of 1812, defending Baltimore Harbor from the British Navy and inspiring the writing of the U.S. national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Today, visitors can explore the fort and enjoy special events and reenactments.

In addition to its historical sites, Locust Point offers an array of dining and entertainment options, including several popular restaurants and bars, each offering a unique local flavor. The neighborhood is also close to the Inner Harbor, providing residents and visitors with access to more recreational and entertainment opportunities.

In summary, Locust Point combines rich history, modern amenities, and a waterfront location to offer a unique and attractive neighborhood in Baltimore.

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