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Charles Village

Nestled in the north-central area of Baltimore, Charles Village is a diverse and dynamic neighborhood known for its colorful painted row houses and active community organizations.

A major landmark in Charles Village is the Baltimore Museum of Art, home to an impressive array of modern and contemporary artworks, including the largest collection of works by Henri Matisse in the world. The Johns Hopkins University’s Homewood campus also calls Charles Village home, adding a vibrant and youthful energy to the neighborhood.

Charles Village is celebrated for its commitment to community and green living. Residents often gather for neighborhood clean-ups, gardening projects, and community festivals, creating a tight-knit and engaged community environment. The diverse range of dining and shopping options, from cozy cafes to unique boutiques, further enhances the quality of life in Charles Village.

In summary, Charles Village stands out as a neighborhood marked by community engagement, cultural richness, and a commitment to the arts and environment.

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